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Hopefully, this website has answered most of your questions about Granville Island Brewing. If not, every week a lucky intern collects the top questions we receive in our inbox and posts them here.

Here are some answers to a few questions we hear often.

Q: Why can you serve only 12.5oz in the Taproom?
A: Our license is for tasting only – We know, it’s a bit of a tease!

Q: Are children and dogs allowed in the Taproom or on the tour?
A: Kids are welcome in the Taproom, but not permitted on our tours. Dogs are not permitted inside the Taproom.

Q: Do your beers contain isinglass or any other animal by product?
A: They do not.

Q: Can I find your beer in another province, the USA, or any other country?
A: As we are a micro brewery meeting the local demand is our priority, but we are on our way to offering our products to all Canadians. Currently our products are  available in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia!

Q: Can I have product shipped to me?
A: No, sorry, you’ll have to visit one of the provinces listed above.

Q: Can I rent equipment without a keg?
A: Equipment is only available with keg rentals. We buy ours from PN Technologies

Q: Can we book a private tour?
A: Tours are on a first come first serve basis at 12, 2 and 4pm. As we are a very small working brewery, the Brewmaster needs to know when to pull in his hose.

Q: How do I apply for sponsorship of my event / tournament?
A: Submit this simple online sponsorship request form with all of your event details and we will contact you.

Q: What do I do if I find an empty Granville Island keg?
A: Any found kegs can be returned to our retail store on Granville Island.

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