How we brew at Granville Island Brewing

The Finest Natural Ingredients

We know what makes great beer

Because agreeing on West Coast taste is as challenging as scaling a 130-foot vertical rock face, we make a variety of great beers to suit all tastes. That’s why we’re always creating delicious new local flavours and improving our craft. Starting with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, we translated what those intrepid German beer makers were doing back in the day and put a modern spin on it.

Though our process is inspired by the Law, we don’t let it limit our imagination. What we’ve learned from it is to use high-quality and natural ingredients, and a strict brewing process. No chemicals or preservatives are used in making our beer. None. Only all-natural honey, maple syrup, raspberries and whatever other local ingredients inspire us. We still have our Bavarian Octoberfest hats and lederhosen for special occasions, but the real brewing commitment can be found in our passion for innovation and new uncharted beer frontiers.

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Our 7-Step Beer Making Process


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