I don’t think its any secret that one of my favourite styles of beer is a nice Bavarian Hefeweizen. Given Hef’s refreshing nature, most associate the brew with the summer; but that doesn’t always need to be the case. Enter the latest from my Black Notebook Series, the Burly Goat Weizenbock.

Inspired by one of my all-time favourite beers – Aventinus by Schneider Weisse – this German-style wheat beer has been brewed to the strength of a Doppel Bock, (hence its deep ruby, almost black colour) and has a BU of 35 with an ABV of 8.4%.

Full-bodied with caramel malt sweetness and a subtle banana and clove flavour, the Burly Goat Weizenbock is a unique brew and the perfect pair to winter. A season my first taste of Aventinus took me to – closer to 20 years ago than I care to say.

A brew filled with nostalgia, the Burly Goat will be replacing another nostalgic release, the Chocolate Imperial Stout. This may come as sad news to some, but diehard Chocolate Stout fans fear not! We will be producing one batch of the beer as part of our newly minted Growler Series.

Dark, rich, strong and full of flavour, this Weizenbock is one goat you’ll want to mess with this holiday season.

The latest addition to Vern’s Black Notebook Series is available in our Taproom & retail store on Granville Island, as well as in select stores in BC & AB for a limited time.


  • Comment by Barbara

    Hello Vern,

    Will the 2012 Barley Wine be available on tap as well in GIB’s taproom?

    Thanks for the great brews!
    I can taste your inspiration comes from your heart!


  • Comment by GIB

    Hi Barbara,

    Great question. We’ll be having our 2013 Barley Wine at our Taproom. Come on down and we’ll see you soon.


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