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December brings cold temperatures and the threat of snow, (code for rain in Vancouver’s case) making beers with a little warmth and character that much more appealing. This December we see the return of the warm and jolly, with two holiday Small Batch releases – our 2013 vintage Barley Wine and Chocolate Imperial Stout.

Now there’s nothing small about our latest batch of Barley Wine. Aged in Jack Daniels barrels, this year’s brew has an abv of 11.5% and a BU of 60. Full of flavour, our Barley Wine is loaded with NZ Motueka hops – which balance the beer’s sweet malt character and dried fruit flavours; while allowing the oak, vanilla and alcohol characteristics of the barrels to shine through.

The perfect accompaniment to a cold day, (and any beer aficionado’s stocking) we have also cellared a few cases of our 2012 batch of Barley Wine – which will be released alongside this year’s brew. Look for both batches in our retail store, sold separately and as a 2-pack holiday box set.

As you know, the big news this December was the announcement that our new Burly Goat Weizenbock would be replacing our Chocolate Imperial Stout. A popular brew, (and if truth be told one of my favourites) I received more than a few email’s inquiring about the beloved Stout – and quite a few more pleas to reconsider its demise. A fan of giving the people what they want, (and in the holiday spirit of giving) I have bowed to the pressure and have decided to brew one special batch of Chocolate Imperial Stout – but with a twist. This year’s batch – like the Barley Wine – has been aged in JD Barrels.

Appearing in both 650ml bottles, and on limited draught, look for our new Barrel-aged Chocolate Imperial Stout this December.

Cheers, happy holidays and stay warm!

Vern’s latest batch of Barley Wine is available in our Taproom & retail store on Granville Island, as well as in select stores in BC for a limited time. While the Chocolate Imperial Stout will be available and in-stores on Wednesday, December 18th.


  • Comment by Barbara

    Hello Vern,

    My Dec 18-call to the taproom revealed sad news that Barley Wine will not be available on tap…Is that confirmed?


  • Comment by GIB

    Hi Barbara,

    We should be having a limited supply available at our taproom and have allocated at least 3 kegs. We understand you spoke with our store manager, Diamond, who apologizes for providing incorrect information. We hope to see you in the Taproom over the holidays!


  • Comment by Monica DP

    My husband and I visited the Tap Room on Dec. 19 on our day trip to Vancouver (although, we’re visiting from Ottawa). We loved the Chocolate Imperial Stout! So glad we had a chance to experience it on tap and in the bottle we brought home! Highly recommend that you continue making it (in the jd barrel) and possibly send some bottles to Ottawa!
    Thanks again!

  • Comment by GIB

    Hi Monica,

    Thank you for sharing your positive experience! Glad you were able to have a chance to taste it in our Taproom as well as bottled. As you may know, we are completely sold out of it!

    Hope to see you in the new year.


  • Comment by Katy Murphy

    Oh Vern,
    Can you feel the virtual giant bear hug I’m giving you? Can you hear the big loud kiss I’m planting on your forehead? Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for relenting and gifting us with the best beer EVER, the Imperial Chocolate Stout. My husband (Seth) surprised me with it on Christmas and managed to get enough to last me a little while, at least. Please don’t ever retire this tastiest of brews…and thanks for the Christmas gift!


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