This spring, I’m excited to reintroduce local beer fans to the first of our small batch Black Note Book Series – Cloak & Dagger Cascadian Dark Ale. Dark like a stout, hoppy like an IPA, Cascadian Dark Ale is a unique brew combining lots of roasted malts with Pacific Northwest hops.

Lots of people ask the question – where does the term “Cascadian Dark Ale” come from? It’s a style of beer, named after Cascadia, a region known for its hoppy beers. The term Cascadia is used to describe a self-designated region that encompasses parts of southern Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, western Idaho and northern California.

Canadian pale, English crystal, Belgian chocolate and English black malts all make appearances in the brewing process of Cloak & Dagger CDA. These malts give the beer its roasted flavour (coffee and light nuances of chocolate), and dark colour with a reddish hue. Beer drinkers will also notice the Zeus, Cascade and Ahtanum hops that contribute to the ale’s bold hop bitterness and flavours.

By the numbers: Cloak & Dagger Cascadian Dark Ale has a BU of 60, an OG of 14.8°P and an abv of 6.25%.

With its sweetish body and dry finish, I’d suggest pairing Cloak & Dagger Cascadian Dark Ale with grilled or braised meats and serving it at your next backyard barbeque. If you have out-of-province company in town, you’ll want to introduce them to this Pacific Northwest style. Black Note Book Series brews are only available in small batches so make sure you grab a case of Cascadian Dark Ale or stop by the Taproom before it’s too late.


  • Comment by Raj Maniar

    We need to see more GIB products out in Manitoba. I currently carry the English Bay, and Maple Cream, and I usually bring in the Seasonal beer as a feature, but Manitoba is blowing up the craft beer area, and we need more GIB

  • Comment by GIB

    Hi Raj,

    We appreciate you reaching out to us and we’ll definitely try to push more out to Manitoba. Good to hear the positive response to GIB.

  • Comment by Stephen

    Same line as Raj really ,love the Cascadian Dark ,excellent flavour and a wonderful after taste .Also Imperial IPA any plans on keeping that wonderful beer going or is it a limited run ,we need more of these beers in Manitoba .Excellent stuff fella’s keep up the good brewing .

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